Citrus paradisi
23,00 RON
Grapefruit essential oil is extremely beneficial in combating cellulite. It improves the lymphatic system and also helps to uplift the mood. For ensuring smooth digestive system, this oil is of great value. Grapefruit oil massage infuses new energy into the person who is been given this special treatment. It works wonders in fighting acne and other skin conditions. Grapefruit has a very sweet fresh citrusy fragrance that is sure to calm your tired body. Like other citrus fruits, this oil should also be used within the time frame of 6 months from the date of its purchase. The origin of grapefruit plant can be traced back to Asia. However, the plant is now grown in many regions including USA, Brazil and Israel. Grapefruit is basically found on the glossy-leaved trees that are usually 10 meters tall bearing white flowers and pale yellow fruits.