Citrus lemoni
23,00 RON
Lemon oil has a very fresh, sweet and citrusy fragrance that is not just good to smell, but also provides numerous health benefits. This plant has derived its name from the Arabic word 'laimun' or the Persian word 'limun'. The credit for introducing this plant in Europe goes to the crusaders. The method employed for digging out the oil from the fruit is cold compression. Due to its fresh fragrance, it is often used by Japanese in the making of several perfumes and foods. Lemon is known for its antimicrobial, antibacterial, tonic, anti-rheumatic, diuretic, anti-anemic, and antiseptic therapeutic properties. It enhances the concentration, thereby enabling you to have a clear focus in life. It serves as the best remedy for combating digestive problems, by diminishing the acidity level in the body. It plays the role of a tonic that keeps you away from the clutches of physical ailments such as indigestion, gout, rheumatism, poor circulation and arthritis. Lemon is of great value to mankind, as it is very rich in vitamins A, B and C.