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Peel-off masks are skin care products that have been included in professional skin care routines for many years. These powder products are made of alginate and require a mixing step with water before being applied to the skin. A natural alginate complexation reaction consequently occurs, turning powder into a soft mask. Peel-off masks perfectly shape facial or body contours, helping active ingredients to penetrate the skin. Once dry, this second skin can be removed in one piece and does not need to be washed of.
Way of use: 
DAMASCUS ROSE FLORAL WATER The floral water comes from the heart of the rose through a steam extraction, this process retains all the properties of the flower. This precious water comes from organic roses of European origin. It is recognized mainly for its softness and its purifying and astringent virtuesn. Damascus floral water has been used for hundreds of years as a tonic for the skin, protecting it from pollution and thus reviving its radiance. HIBISCUS POWDER This botanical extract of Hibiscus sabdariffa in fine powder of purple color is obtained by spray drying process of fresh flowers. This extract is natural and organic and has various properties. First, rich in antioxidants and organic acids, it is a wonderful asset to fight against skin aging2). Also, this extract supports hydration and softens the skin.